Building a Dark City from Grimm's Fairy Tales

The ever-so-sinister Brothers Grimm have delighted readers for two centuries with countless adaptations and homages. But Pascal Bronner and Thomas Hillier, of London-based FleaFollyArchitects, have managed to offer a new take on the tales—by building an entire mini-municipality inspired by the 200-year-old words of… »11/01/13 4:29pm11/01/13 4:29pm

Top 10 Ways to Take Your Media Collections Digital

There's nothing quite like the feel of a new book, the smell of an old record, or the joy of heading to the comic book store every Wednesday. Sometimes, though, those physical collections can be a burden—like when you're starved for space or want something more portable for traveling. Here are 10 forms of media you… »10/24/13 4:30pm10/24/13 4:30pm

Why Making Mavericks Free Makes Perfect Sense

Yesterday, Apple not only released its OS X Mavericks operating system, it also announced that it would be free. That's great! For you, for Apple, and for the future of computing. »10/24/13 4:15pm10/24/13 4:15pm

Cover Your Android's Lockscreen in Just the Apps You Really Need

Your phone is probably full of apps. And that's great! Apps are fun! But having a million of 'em is less fun when you need to get to a specific one, and right quick. A new Android app called Cover's got your back though, and can turn your lockscreen into a simple menu of only what you need right now. »10/24/13 4:14pm10/24/13 4:14pm

The Flash Drive Family That Saves Together, Stays Together

They're given away left and right as cheap promotions, but if you're one of those people who can never seem to find a flash drive when you need one, this lovely multi-gigabyte family is always easy to find. That's because these mom, dad, son, and daughter flash drives are docked in a multi-port USB house (or car),… »10/23/13 10:54am10/23/13 10:54am

10 Household Items Your Smartphone Can Replace

Convergence in electronics has escalated to new heights in recent years because of the smartphone. Dedicated devices will always have something to offer, but squeezing every last bit of functionality out of an item that you already own can be a great way to save money. Plus, a smartphone and the accompanying data plan »10/16/13 12:50pm10/16/13 12:50pm

Most Popular Online Backup Service: Crashplan

Backing up your files locally is important, but if something like fire or flood happens, your data and your backups are gone. That's why online backup services are great: They keep your data offsite. Last week we asked you which were the best, then we looked at the top five. Now we're back to crown the crowd favorite. »10/14/13 3:34pm10/14/13 3:34pm

CrashPlan's CEO Is Here to Chat About the Importance of Backing Up


Losing precious data is everyone's worst nightmare. It's a traumatic experience, and the fallout can resemble a textbook case of the Five Stages of Grief. You know you should’ve done all you could to keep everything from your most private documents to precious photos backed up. So why didn’t you? »10/14/13 3:33pm10/14/13 3:33pm

Is Building a PC Really Cheaper than Buying One?

Dear Lifehacker,
I'm in the market for a new computer. My friend says it's cheaper to build one myself, but it looks like I can get a cheaper computer from Dell or Asus. I'm not afraid of building, but I'd rather not spend extra if I don't have to. Which will actually save me money? »10/14/13 3:27pm10/14/13 3:27pm

What are the advantages of visual vs. written coding?

Great discussions are par for the course here on Lifehacker. Each day, we highlight a discussion that is particularly helpful or insightful, along with other great discussions and reader questions you may have missed. Check out these discussions and add your own thoughts to make them even more wonderful! »10/14/13 3:25pm10/14/13 3:25pm